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Phnom Penh Chili Cook Off

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Well, following on from our First Place win in the Sihanoukville Chili Cook Off, we decided to take the trip with our own Charlie’s Chili Recipe up to Phnom Penh.

The venue was the Lone Star Bar, a place well known for their own Tex Mex style food offerings.

Ten Chili’s were entered and the competition was pretty impressive.

Very pleased to say though, we came a credible 4th place with the Judges, but managed to gain a 1st place with the People’s Choice. There were around 30 people in attendance, so winning the Peoples Choice was a great result for us.

Thanks to the Lone Star for organising the event, we’ll be back there again next year for sure.



Joker Draw Winner

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Well, the 1st Charlie Harper’s Bar Joker Draw was finally won at $698, what a great night!!

The winner was kind enough to generously buy a couple of rounds for the bar too. :)

This weekend saw the Joker Draw start again at $250 with one lucky guy winning $50 drinks voucher for Charlie Harper’s!

You have to be in it, to win it guys! Call down every Saturday night before 10:30pm. 1 ticket $1, buy 3 and get a free beer.

Post Election Party

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To Celebrate the end of this weekend’s elections, and bar closures, we’re throwing a party at Charlie Harper’s!

We can’t guarantee that our leader Hun Sen will attend, but we’ll be having free beer for the first half hour anyway, so join us at Midnight Sunday 3rd June, or earlier :)

Sihanoukville Chili Cook Off

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I’ve always been a huge fan of Chili, often had it for breakfast, dinner & evening snack …. much the same as Pizza!

Anyway, we’re pretty pleased with our Chili here at Charlie Harper’s Bar, but i’ve tasted a few other good ones around Sihanoukville. So, lets give credit were it’s due and recognise the Best Chili in Town.

We’re looking for 10 Chili Makers, 10 Judges and a whole heap of people who enjoy Chili & Beer.

There’ll be Certificates, Prizes, T-Shirts, Beer and of course some Great Tasting Chili.

Just to mention as well, proceeds will be donated to a local charity.

Please put a note in your diary and tell your friends!


Jag the Joker!

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From this coming Saturday Night we’ll be giving away $200 for a correct Joker ‘Pick’. PLUS $200 of free beer for the whole bar should the Joker be selected.

For those that know, it’s been at the Walkabout in Phnom Penh for around 8 years and has proven to be extremely popular with the Cash Prize raising at high as $28,000!!

Tickets are for sale now at $1, buy $3 dollars worth and you get a free beer! Can’t be bad.

Obviously, you have to be in the bar at the time of the draw (10:45pm) to win it. Tickets that go unclaimed after 5 mins will be binned and another one chosen till we have a winner!

Tickets can be purchased all week right up until 10:30pm on Saturday night.

Hope to see you here.

Party for Srey Pov

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Had very little notice to sort out a party for the girlfriend of a friend. They wanted to put on a free keg and food for all comers, but with less than 24hrs notice …. no trouble!

First thing in the morning the girls were out buying balloons, shopping at the markets and of course getting the cake. Beer was never going to be a problem :)

Things quickly came together and culminated in a good turnout and a great night had by all, particularly the ‘Birthday Girl’, who by all accounts had a wonderful time, but finished off a little worse for wear.

Here’s a couple of pic’s of the night.

Thursday Night is Quiz Night!


After the reports from those that attended last weeks Quiz, we’re looking forward to another Fun Thursday Night here at Charlie Harper’s Bar.

Don’t worry, it really is a quiz with a difference … we don’t take ourselves too seriously, we drink and have a good time, it’s a social event rather than a night for solitary ‘boffins’!

The format is, as has been mentioned, a cross between a normal quiz (with music section), and “Deal or no Deal”. With a prize of $40 up for grabs by one of the teams (not necessarily the winning team!).

There is a $1 per person charge and teams must be no bigger than 4 people, half the money raised will roll into the top prize if not won. The other half will go someway to cover the free food we’ll be giving away at the halfway point.

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