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Post Election Party

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To Celebrate the end of this weekend’s elections, and bar closures, we’re throwing a party at Charlie Harper’s!

We can’t guarantee that our leader Hun Sen will attend, but we’ll be having free beer for the first half hour anyway, so join us at Midnight Sunday 3rd June, or earlier :)

Sihanoukville Chili Cook Off

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I’ve always been a huge fan of Chili, often had it for breakfast, dinner & evening snack …. much the same as Pizza!

Anyway, we’re pretty pleased with our Chili here at Charlie Harper’s Bar, but i’ve tasted a few other good ones around Sihanoukville. So, lets give credit were it’s due and recognise the Best Chili in Town.

We’re looking for 10 Chili Makers, 10 Judges and a whole heap of people who enjoy Chili & Beer.

There’ll be Certificates, Prizes, T-Shirts, Beer and of course some Great Tasting Chili.

Just to mention as well, proceeds will be donated to a local charity.

Please put a note in your diary and tell your friends!


A STRANGER Birthday Party ….. You’re Invited!

You’re invited!!!

Charlie Harper’s Bar – Tuesday, September 13th


I’ll be visiting your lovely town soon to prepare for my upcoming move.

It just so happens that my birthday is during the time I have scheduled to be in Snooky – so I figured, instead of spending it alone, i’d throw a big Party!!

This might be the first time in history that the birthday girl doesn’t know a soul on the guest list, so lets make it interesting!

Party starts at 7pm ~ the first 35 Angkor pints are on me (it’s my 35th bday) and there will be plenty of ridiculous party games to keep the night rolling!

You might be a stranger to me now, but I’m guessing by the end of this party, we’ll be great friends! I can’t think of a better way to meet the people I’ll be sharing my new home with.


Dress code, huh? hadn’t thought of it – but lets do this:

Anyone who shows up “incognito” wearing some kind of disguise, gets a vodka red bull.

and the BEST disguise wins a ‘special prize’.

Opening Party

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Well it happened, and it was a pretty good night (even though I do say so myself!).

It was a struggle to get the builders out, in fact they were still doing last minute installation of the canopy lights once the party had started! All good though and we were really impressed and pleased by the turnout from the local expat community, couldn’t really keep an accurate count (as the beer was flowing pretty well), but there was easily at least a couple of hundred people that passed through during the night. Really great to see all of them, old friends and new.

Music was supplied by a live band, who unfortunately were let down by technical issues so sadly couldn’t perform at there best. The food though received many compliments and 3 huge pots of Chicken Korma, Vindaloo and a Chili disappeared almost as fast as they were put out!

The drinks too, went down well, even after the Free Beers supplied by Corona Beer Cambodia and Anchor Beer had long gone! Many thanks, once again, to our sponsors for there support, we really look forward to working with them again.

Anyway, here’s a few pics of the night …..

Bars in Sihanoukville

Charlie Harper's Bar

bars in sihanoukville

drinking in sihanoukville cambodia

charlie harpers bar

bars in cambodia

bars in sihanoukville

charlie harpers bar

bars in sihanoukville

bars in sihanoukville

charlie harpers bar

Brewery Trip Wednesday

Trip to Angkor BreweryCharlie Harper’s is organising a trip up to the Angkor Brewery this coming Wednesday, if you’re in town and available we reckon it’ll be a fun few hours.

Meeting at 2pm Wednesday 3rd August, at Charlie Harper’s Bar on Ekareach Street, we’ve then arranged for free transport as required and we’ll be heading up to the Brewery around 2:45.

Mexican Mondays


It’s Mexican Time every Monday night at Charlie Harper’s Bar and we bring the best of Spicy Mexican Food and Cool Mexican Beers, with the odd Tequila thrown in for good measure!

$5 gets you two Taco’s and a Bottled Beer … Can’t be bad!

Texas Tuesdays


If you’re looking for a friendly game of Poker, you wont find better than here at the Charlie Harper’s in Sihanoukville. We play Texas Hold’em every Tuesday starting from 7pm.

Whether you are a complete novice or an experienced player you’ll find a warm welcome at our regular weekly game.

Since gambling is illegal in Cambodia we use professional Poker Chips since no money is allowed. Call on down and we can explain how things work to you.

We normally have at least 6 people with a maximum of 10 players seated at one time, that said we have been known to set up a second table when required.

Contact us via the site or call into the bar for more information.

BTC Wednesday

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BTC on a Wednesday stands for BEAT THE CLOCK, or to explain further, drink what you can before the prices are back to normal!!

Starting from 7pm, all draft beer is only 50c, from 8pm it’s 75c and sadly from 9pm things are back to the normal $1.

Good news though, that’s when the spirits start from only $1 until 10pm when they increase to $1.50, back to the normal $2 from 11pm

This is a fun night with a great mix of music from the 70’s and 80’s.

The FIRST Wednesday of the month is also Karaoke Night, things can get really messy on Karaoke Nights!

Thirsty Thursdays

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Whilst Thursdays are mainly for the Ladies at the Charlie Harper’s Bar, with a selection of free drinks from 9pm til 12pm, we haven’t forgotten that the guys get thirsty too, so they get free shots on the hour, every hour, guaranteed to get the fun started.

As always, there’s free pool, great music, friendly service and good company ….. why not pay a visit, you never know where this night may lead.

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