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Another Party @ Charlie Harper’s

Yes, party time again!

This time it’s to celebrate the Birthday of Kim one of our friendly waitresses here at Charlie Harper’s.

She’s a very helpful member of the team, always ready with a smile for even the most demanding of customers!

It’d be great if you could call down and help make her day even more special.

Join us for some free food and a few beers on the 10th October, starting from 7pm.

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Rainy Day Beer Deal!

Ok, just in case you hadn’t noticed … it’s the Rainy Season now here in Sihanoukville!

Yes it’s still warm, yes you’re still in one of the best places on the planet too … we like to complain don’t we? Anyway, we here at Charlie Harper’s Bar, well we try to look on the bright-side, so to celebrate the coming of the much needed rain, we’re offering a buy 1 get 1 free offer on draft beer every time it rains.

So, when the rain starts and lasts for 15 minutes, jump out of your hammock and race down to Charlie Harper’s for good company, cheap beer and great comfort food!

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A STRANGER Birthday Party ….. You’re Invited!

You’re invited!!!

Charlie Harper’s Bar – Tuesday, September 13th


I’ll be visiting your lovely town soon to prepare for my upcoming move.

It just so happens that my birthday is during the time I have scheduled to be in Snooky – so I figured, instead of spending it alone, i’d throw a big Party!!

This might be the first time in history that the birthday girl doesn’t know a soul on the guest list, so lets make it interesting!

Party starts at 7pm ~ the first 35 Angkor pints are on me (it’s my 35th bday) and there will be plenty of ridiculous party games to keep the night rolling!

You might be a stranger to me now, but I’m guessing by the end of this party, we’ll be great friends! I can’t think of a better way to meet the people I’ll be sharing my new home with.


Dress code, huh? hadn’t thought of it – but lets do this:

Anyone who shows up “incognito” wearing some kind of disguise, gets a vodka red bull.

and the BEST disguise wins a ‘special prize’.

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Belgian GP at Charlie Harper’s Bar

Come and watch the Live Belgian Grand Prix at Charlie Harper’s Bar, this coming weekend, Saturday 28th August. Starts from 6:30pm.

We’ll be taking a few bets, and enjoying wonderful Belgian recipe of Ground Beef with Peppercorns together with a Cream and Brandy Sauce … Tastes better than it sounds!!!

As always, free shots and good company :)

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Mexican Monday Tomorrow

We’ve been testing out a few recipes for the first of our Mexican Monday nights tomorrow, even though I say so myself, they’re tasting pretty good!

Tomorrow from 4pm we’ll be offering 2 Taco’s and a Corona Mexican Beer for only $5.00 … got to be one of the best deals in town.

Thanks again to our sponsors Corona Beer Cambodia.

I’ll be sure to get a few pics posted on the facebook page later :)

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Opening Party

Well it happened, and it was a pretty good night (even though I do say so myself!).

It was a struggle to get the builders out, in fact they were still doing last minute installation of the canopy lights once the party had started! All good though and we were really impressed and pleased by the turnout from the local expat community, couldn’t really keep an accurate count (as the beer was flowing pretty well), but there was easily at least a couple of hundred people that passed through during the night. Really great to see all of them, old friends and new.

Music was supplied by a live band, who unfortunately were let down by technical issues so sadly couldn’t perform at there best. The food though received many compliments and 3 huge pots of Chicken Korma, Vindaloo and a Chili disappeared almost as fast as they were put out!

The drinks too, went down well, even after the Free Beers supplied by Corona Beer Cambodia and Anchor Beer had long gone! Many thanks, once again, to our sponsors for there support, we really look forward to working with them again.

Anyway, here’s a few pics of the night …..

Bars in Sihanoukville

Charlie Harper's Bar

bars in sihanoukville

drinking in sihanoukville cambodia

charlie harpers bar

bars in cambodia

bars in sihanoukville

charlie harpers bar

bars in sihanoukville

bars in sihanoukville

charlie harpers bar

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Brewery Trip Wednesday

Trip to Angkor BreweryCharlie Harper’s is organising a trip up to the Angkor Brewery this coming Wednesday, if you’re in town and available we reckon it’ll be a fun few hours.

Meeting at 2pm Wednesday 3rd August, at Charlie Harper’s Bar on Ekareach Street, we’ve then arranged for free transport as required and we’ll be heading up to the Brewery around 2:45.

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Charlie Harper’s T-Shirt

As a lead up to bar opening, we’ve been handing out these T-Shirts to certain people around town …… we were ‘swamped’ and had to pretend to run-out on many occasions! lol

They seem to be creating a bit of a stir :)

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Opening Party, 6th August

Hope you’re keeping the day free … it could be a long one!

Had word yesterday that the event will be supported by those kind people at Corona, this means there’ll be more than a few Corona Extra ‘giveaways’ on the evening :)

Been in touch with a few others too and waiting replies …

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Poker School

I’ve spoken with many people who are interested in playing or learning to play Texas Hold’em Poker whilst in Sihanoukville. Thing is, some find getting past their initial interest a little daunting with high stakes and an ‘ultra’ competitive table.

To this end, we’ve decided to turn our regular Tuesday night game into a ‘Novice Night’, consider the $5 entry payment to the School and you’ll be sure to learn a lesson or two no matter which way the cards fall. Since it’s a ‘freeze-out’ game, you can’t lose any more than that.

Once you’re comfortable, you can move up to the ‘Shark Pool’ :)

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